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What Our Client's have to say about Our Services

We would like to thank our client's who have shared their experiences with Pawsitive Pet Sitting with us. If you would like to share your experience with other clients, please contact us, send us your pets photo(s) and please include the word 'testimonial' in the subject line.

We found Stacey through a web search for pet sitters when we had to go out of town for a day and leave our puppy behind. I e-mailed her, she got back to me quickly and we arranged for a time for us to meet at her house.   Our 5 month old Springer Spaniel,  Sally was afraid of strangers and other dogs but Stacey calmly worked with Sally and she learned to accept Stacey and her furry friends. Sally had a great day with Stacey and she came home happy and tired from playing all day. I was relieved to find someone with whom I could leave my pet and know that she would be well taken care of for the day. We will use her services again when necessary.
Amy Rynes

Stacey has been a wonderful find. She’s organized, reliable, timely, and in-tune with the pet world. My (crazy) Schipperke runs to the door in anticipation of her arrival anytime I mention her name. I couldn’t recommend anyone more!!
------------Anastasia K. of Rosedale, Maryland-----------

I would have to say that of the three pet sitters I have used, my cats seemed livelier and happier after being in your care. I am really pleased with the service that you provided.
---------------Jerome K. of Rosedale, Maryland--------------

“ I am the proud mother of two BEAUTIFUL german shepherds, Aico and Kyla. Going on trips has always been a conflict in my head, as I do not like leaving Aico and Kyla alone for long periods of time. Stacey came to the rescue. I was very pleased to see that upon my return, and while meeting at home with Stacey, they had a very positive attitude towards her. Aico and Kyla are german shepherds and it takes them time to learn to trust strangers. Their trustful approach to Stacey gave me a very good feeling and I knew then that Pawsitive caring really means: truly positive caring for pets with paws, ah! Anyway, besides my dogs liking her, I do have a very positive impression about Stacey myself. She comes across as a very responsible individual, always on time to return your calls or address your concerns, and very willing to meet the demanding needs of “us”, the always proud and concerned parents of our always loving hairy kids”
-------------Cristina, Aico’s and Kyla’s mom-------------------

My husband and I have two cats. Cosette is 9 years old, a Calico, and very afraid of everyone. She barely trusts us! It is almost impossible to get her to the Vet once a year, let alone to a Pet hotel when we are out of town. Our other cat, Willy, is 7 years old. Willy is about 27 lbs (a barn cat) and very loveable, except when you put him in a Pet hotel or kennel. He turns into a totally different animal and not very likeable. Basically, our animals do not like to leave their own home. It took us a long time to find someone we could trust with our animals and in our home. Cossette is still Cossette, but she is happy staying home and we don't have the stress of trying to trap her. Willy is so happy. He loved Stacey immediately. Stacy took care of them for two weeks while we were at the beach this summer. She came every day and took good care of them. She called me every day (at my request) to give me a "status report" on how they were doing. She never missed a day, which made my vacation much more relaxing. In addition to our pet children, she also took in our mail, and watered our flowers. We have a city backyard loaded with flowers, a front porch with flowers, and a 2nd floor deck with flowers. She took care of them all and even fixed an outdoor fountain that had stopped working. All this during the hottest 2 weeks of the summer. Stacey also mastered our complicated alarm system. We consider her to be a wonderful, trusted pet sitter and she has also become a friend to our family. We would recommend her services to anyone and have already booked her time for our trips through next June.
------------------------- Susan and Robert Janger-----------------------

As a pet owner, I am very concerned for the well being of our four legged family members. I often travel for business on short notice, and I am very glad to have found Pawsitive Pet Sitting to care for our pets. Stacey’s knowledge, experience, and overwhelming (two large dogs and a cat), Stacey was clearly at ease with them when they met, and they became very comfortable with her immediately. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your pets are in good hands with Stacey is invaluable. I will continue to use Pawsitive Pet Sitting, and highly recommend that any one who cares about their animals to make the same decision
---------------Chad M. of Catonsville, Maryland-------------------
After relying on friends and neighbors, we used Stacey for the first time when we went away at Thanksgiving.  I was very nervous about it.  It worked out very well.  Stacey took excellent care our dog, cat, gerbil, and snake.  The dog, in particular, seemed much more relaxed when we came home.  We will never go back to relying on friends and neighbors when Stacey provides such excellent service.
-----------Virginia Thompson--------------------------------------------------------------


Thank you so very much for taking care of our two "babies" while we were out of town. We missed them but did not worry since they were in your care. When we got home Jim and I were pleased to see the report card (great touch!) and the note card. Very happy to come home to no "accidents" in the basement. The pups were happy to see us but they seemed very much at ease and not a bit of stress. You made a great impression with us and our dogs. We will Pawsitively be using your services for all of our times of travel.
-----------Julie Aber-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Stacey is terrific. We're confident that Suzi and Lexi are both well cared for, safe, and happy when we're away. And when they're content, we can travel with peace of mind.
---------Cathy and George Lips------------------------------------------------

Hi, Stacey--just wanted to thank you for the excellent care you gave to our 4 cats while we were on vacation for almost 2 weeks. After a short period of re-adjustment to US, they were all happy and as frisky as ever.  Your observations of their mood and status helped us understand what we saw upon our return.
Thanks again for the wonderful service you provide!
---------------Eileen and Frank-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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